An industry-leading radiology information system (RIS).

Karisma is a comprehensive Radiology Information System (RIS) with a user friendly and intuitive interface. Karisma utilises the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server architecture, ensuring all information is stored in a secure database, while still allowing quick access for the user. Combining integrated accounting, reporting, voice recognition and dictation features as standard, Karisma is a complete software solution suitable for hospitals or private radiology practices of any size.


“Karisma enables the practice to work more efficiently which has resulted in higher productivity.”

Steve BlackwellCitiScan Radiology

Seamless Integration & Communication

PACS Integration

Integrates with industry leading picture archiving and communication systems.

Medicare Interface

Direct interface with the Medicare online system for instant card verification and invoice submission and reconciliation.

Automatic Doctor Reports

Reports to referring doctors are automatically sent via the Karisma report distribution system.

Digital Dictation 

In-built digital dictation for the generation of diagnostic reports.

Voice Recognition

Radiologists can generate a diagnostic report using the Speech Magic voice recognition system.

Electronic Exam Requests

Hospital doctors can reduce risk by sending electronic exam requests from EMR systems directly to Karisma.

SMS Reminders

Improve communication with patient by sending SMS messages.

Automatic Management Reports

The Karisma integrated business intelligence system can send management reports automatically to stakeholders.

Customised Report Templates

Using customised reporting templates improves productivity and improves the turnaround time of diagnostic reports to referring practitioners.

Patient Management Information System (PMI)

Karisma links directly to the hospital Patient Management Information System.

Results Repositories

Karisma sends test results directly back to hospital repositories.

Teleradiology Reporting

Karisma offers inbound and outbound system solutions.

Automated Workflow

Tailored Worklists

Karisma work lists are tailored to enhance staff efficiency.

Smart Service Types

Karisma utilises customised service code as the building blocks for all workflows from bookings, invoicing and reporting.

Easy Billing

Karisma enables all billing types, including: Bulk Bill, DVA, TAC Workcover, ACC, ACCHT and MSB.

Automatic Invoices

Patient invoices for performed services are automatically calculated using the Karisma Rebate Library.

Intelligent Bookings

Ensure you have the required resources at the appropriate times for all services.

Practitioner Preferences

Keep referrers happy by automating their report distribution requirements and image preferences.

Eclipse Billing Interface

Integration with Medicare Online Eclipse for inpatient invoice claiming to Medicare and health funds.

Medicare Updates

Frequent Medicare Benefits Schedule updates are uploaded directly to the system.

Local Support

Local Knowledge

The Kestral team are based in offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Auckland.

Expert Support

Our Technical Support team come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including radiography, science, practice management and IT.

Industry Partnerships

Karisma has long standing partnerships with PACS and hardware vendors that deliver benefits to customers.

Development and Professional Services

Local Focus

Karisma is designed with the needs of Australian and New Zealand imaging customers in mind.

Continual Development

Karisma is continually updated and improved with the goal of giving customers a better user experience.

Industry Knowledge

Karisma is developed by a dedicated team of industry professionals, many of which have come from the medical industry.

Integrated Solutions

Karisma integrates with third party products offering online booking, voice recognition, patient portal systems and offshore transcription services.


Karisma has been safely delivering information to hospital patients for almost 30 years.