At Kestral, we value our partnership with our customers, offering support for all critical issues 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Company philosophy

At Kestral, we are committed to providing high quality, continuous support to all our clients. Our development team work with our customer support team to ensure our services consistently meet the needs of our customers.

What we offer

Critical issues such as server crashes are given the highest priority both during and after office hours.

You can be certain that once your software is up and running, it will require minimal maintenance and always perform at a high standard. Standard software enhancements and releases, including full version upgrades, are included in our standard Support contract at no extra cost.

Customer Service

When you work with us, we will assign a Kestral team member as your account manager.

Providing you with day-to-day support, account managers are your go-to contact for discussing training and strategic system enhancements, scheduling site visits, and resolving support tasks.

If you need technical support, your account manager will refer you to a technical support person or management.