Royal Hobart Hospital Pathology Services

The Hospital

The Royal Hobart Hospital is the largest in Tasmania, seeing upwards of 52,000 patients annually. The hospital features full clinical services as well as an emergency department. It is also the primary teaching hospital for the University of Tasmania.

Within the hospital, RHH Pathology Services employs over 140 staff working across Anatomical Pathology, Microbiology, Core Laboratory, Specialised Investigations, Molecular Medicine, Cytogenetics and Endocrinology laboratories.

RHH Pathology Services have used the Kestral Pathology Laboratory System (PLS) as their pathology LIMS since 1994. As a full service lab within a busy hospital, it was important to find a system that was agile enough to adapt to the unique requirements of a hospital lab environment.

With over 20 years of experience using Kestral’s PLS, Andrew Hudspeth, Scientist-in-Charge of Haematology at RHH believes the software is a good fit for the laboratory.

"Kestral PLS has been developed in line with our requirements. An added benefit is the local control over configuration of the software which has allowed us to quickly implement new features and resolve the majority of issues internally."

Andrew Hudspeth, Scientist-in-Charge Haematology

Why Kestral?

In his experience working with Kestral, Andrew listed the standard of Kestral support staff as a highlight.

"One of Kestral's strengths is their tendency to employ support staff with a background in the medical industry, allowing them to grasp any issues rapidly and deal with them appropriately."

Ease of Use

"With over 140 pathology staff working in the lab, it was important to find a LIMS that was not only easy to use, but incorporated customisable workflows to boost efficiency among the staff."

Ultimate Connectivity

In a public hospital environment, the efficiency of program upgrades and integrity of patient data are of primary concern. Andrew explains how the secure remote connection used by Kestral achieves both.

"The Kestral team are able to provide direct technical support, perform upgrades and maintenance as well as interact with us on our own network. The software ensures any work is completed as quickly as possible while all sensitive data is kept secure."

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