Pathology Laboratory System

A complete laboratory information system for pathology laboratories.

The Pathology Laboratory System (PLS) from Kestral is an integrated, complete solution, suitable for use across all disciplines of Pathology. Rather than using separate modules, PLS shares a common architecture, data storage and program code.

Combining both an analyser interface and interfaces to other systems, such as the hospital Patient Master Index (PMI), PLS facilitates the accurate, timely transfer of information between systems. Additionally, PLS offers the ability for each module to be customised to suit the workflow and requirements of each site.


“The customisable workflows within the Kestral PLS have boosted staff efficiency.”

Andrew HudspethRoyal Hobart Hospital Pathology Services

Seamless Integration and Communication

Easy Information Transfer

Automatic syncing facilitates the instant transfer of information between the PLS and hospital Patient Master Index.

Fast Results

Register tests and pathology results quickly and easily.

Automatic Results Transfer

Automatically transfer results and other information to all stakeholders as soon as it becomes available.

Improved Accuracy

Automated storing and transmission of data prevents errors while ensuring confidentiality of patient information.

Bar-code Scanning

Innovative bar-code scanning allows you to quickly identify patients and minimise errors.

Automatic Reporting

Patient and business reports can be automatically sent to all relevant stakeholders.

Customisable to Suit Your Business

Customisable Reporting

Suit the requirements of all stakeholders in your business with easily customisable reporting.

Adaptable Workflow

Adaptable workflows and reporting ensures the software can adapt to the needs of your business.

Easy Billing Categorisation

PLS by Kestral enables you to configure all billing types relevant to your practice including bulk billing, health funds, private health insurance and Worksafe.

Local Support

Local Support

The Kestral support team is Australia based.

24/7 Availability

The Kestral support team are on hand 24/7, ensuring help is available when you need it most.

Industry Knowledge

Many of the Kestral team come from the medical sector, which means they understand your unique needs.

Pathology Product Documentation

Please contact your Kestral Support Account Manager for access.

Development and Professional Services

Local Focus

PLS by Kestral is designed with the needs of Australian and New Zealand pathology customers in mind.

Continual Development

PLS by Kestral is continually updated and improved with the goal of giving customers a better user experience.

Industry Knowledge

PLS by Kestral is developed by a dedicated team of industry professionals, many of which have come from the medical industry.

Integrated solutions

PLS by Kestral integrates with third party products offering online booking, voice recognition, patient portal systems and offshore transcription services.


PLS by Kestral has been safely delivering information to hospital patients for almost 30 years.