Leisure Management Software

An enterprise solution for point of sale, bookings, inventory, and reporting.

Ideal for leisure centres, fitness clubs, community venues, and tourist attractions.

Phoenix features a Modern UI interface built specifically for serving multi-site enterprises.

About You

You want your business to thrive and good software is the key to that.

You know that good software can pre-empt problems, remove obstacles for growth, and give you peace of mind.

Your existing solution is too old and static. Too many hacks and workarounds jeopardise its integrity. Performance is slow and compromised data obscures crucial business insights from your notice.

You’ve realised that off-the-shelf systems cannot serve the scale of your vision for your business.

You know that staying ahead of your competition means leveraging the latest technology.

About Us

We are an elite team who value direct engagement with customers to develop high-quality enterprise software. We recognise that you - the end user - play the essential role of providing constructive feedback and criticism. Acting on your input ensures we remain relevant to the industry as we pioneer a system that complements your business. Your success is our success.

Phoenix is built on an in-house software platform that strives to deliver both high performance and ease-of-use. Since we practise agile continuous development you benefit immediately from any new Phoenix innovations; whether sponsored by you or by another end user.

Our expertise in change management ensures that when you choose to upgrade to Phoenix, we will handle all the data migration and transition training.

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