OMI goes live with SILO

By July 10, 2014 July 6th, 2018 News

Karisma customer Oceanic Medical Imaging (OMI) operates across three locations in Perth, WA. The Palmyra facility was among the first practices in Australasia to utilise an integrated Philips system to offer the archiving of clinical images and the ability to access them over a secure web interface.

Kestral recently completed a project to install our own SILO image store system at OMI. SILO was developed as a method of storing images for scanned request forms, patient consent forms, worksheets and other non-clinical images. These images are stored by SILO separately from the business end of the system; the Karisma database. This separation reduces the size of the Karisma database to the point that it can be placed on a single, fast SSD hard drive.

At OMI, there is now one shared image store on the system, with all scanned forms fully extracted out of the database. The newly configured SILO service reads and writes images to the file store and Karisma services are directed to SILO via the Archive configuration.

The major benefits of this setup for OMI are lower storage costs and faster maintenance of the live Karisma database. Maintenance runs at a much quicker pace because there is no need for the process to check and backup image data, with Silo taking care of that.

Kestral would like to thank the staff and management at Oceanic Medical Imaging for assisting us during the SILO project. We believe the benefits of the system will provide OMI with an even more efficient and effective Karisma experience.

You can read more about the benefits of SILO over at our WordPress blog in The Secret To Cheaper Disks and More Space. If you’d like to experience the same benefits that OMI are enjoying, talk to your Karisma Account Manager about SILO today.