Kestral welcomes high street medical imaging

By September 10, 2014 July 6th, 2018 News

High Street Medical Imaging (HSMI), along with Blacktown and Carlingford Medical Imaging, is part of Radiology Group (RG), a wholly privately owned group of radiology practices combining state-of-the-art equipment with highly knowledgeable medical and technical staff.

Located in Penrith, HSMI recently went live with Karisma, quickly followed by Carlingford Medical Imaging and Blacktown Medical Imaging. Go live at HSMI went very well, with the reception staff being largely independent before lunch on the first day. This was thanks to the staff at HSMI and some expert training on site from Lyn and Dominic of Kestral.

The Radiologists at HSMI have expressed their genuine happiness with Karisma; citing its simplicity, easy reporting workflow, speed and efficiency as its best assets. The report templates built into Karisma drew particularly positive responses – even including high fives and comments of “I love it” from doctors for the ease at which they can report. Manager for the project, Dominic tells us that clerical staff at RG are “quite pleased Karisma magically provides the correct MBS items based on the referrer’s speciality”.

After all sites went live, the benefits of Karisma to RG were even more apparent. Doctors are now able to complete the reports for all sites on the day, rather than reporting from home at night. This is because, in the words of Dr Metri at HSMI, “reporting is easy” with Karisma. In addition, Karisma’s comprehensive Business Report Studio is providing valuable data to the RG Partners and the general ease of use has made the clerical and MIT staff very happy.

Kestral would like to acknowledge the assistance of staff at all three sites. Special thanks to Dominic for a well-managed project and to Lyn for training and Helen for support. We are proud that Karisma has provided RG with an easy and efficient reporting solution.