CitiScan Radiology

The Business

CitiScan Radiology Clinic is a fully comprehensive medical imaging clinic located in the Brisbane CBD. Catering to over 250,000 city workers and residents, the clinic utilises Karisma by Kestral to effectively manage upwards of 35,000 patients every year.

As a full service imaging clinic, it was important for CitiScan to find a Radiology Information System (RIS) that caters to all aspects of the businesses workflow. Features like a Medicare compliant billing module, enhanced business reporting and secure electronic report distribution mean Karisma does just that.

When deciding on a RIS for CitiScan, Steve Blackwell, Managing Director needed a software solution that was customisable and easy to use that would create an effective workflow for the clinic’s staff and equipment.

“Karisma enables the practice to work more efficiently which has resulted in higher productivity”

Steve Blackwell, Managing Director

Why Karisma?

With over 10 years’ experience using Kestral software, Steve said he was confident Karisma would be the right fit for the clinic. He added that Karisma is extremely flexible in the way it can be configured, allowing for complete customisation to the patient’s needs.

“The customer support team at Kestral are always responsive to the practice’s needs and address any issues in a timely and efficient manner”

Steve Blackwell, Managing Director

Ease of Use

With a team of over 20 people, it was important for Steve to implement a software solution that was not only easy to use, but came with adequate training for all employees in the business.

“With the training provided by Kestral, my team readily familiarised themselves with Karisma and have found it quite easy to use. New employees find the system easy to learn when following the structured training program.”

Ultimate Connectivity

When comparing Karisma to other RIS systems on the market, Steve said Karisma’s strength lies in its connectivity. “The fact that software components like the billing module and patient information link to the diary makes collecting revenue and registering patients incredibly easy.”

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